2016–2017 IRP Webinar Series

IRP places a high priority on making knowledge and information available to interested parties. In addition to our on-campus seminar series, IRP offers regular online webinars on current research on poverty and social inequality in the United States. Register for upcoming webinars or watch recordings of past webinars.

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Linking Data Science and Behavioral Science to Build Better Poverty Policy

January 18, 2017, 1:00–2:00pm CST (This webinar was originally scheduled for October 12, 2016.)

James Guszcza and Justin Sydnor

Featuring James Guszcza and Justin Sydnor

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In recent years, researchers and policymakers have become more interested in applying "big data" and behavioral insights to understanding and responding to poverty, but often these two domains are thought of separately. In this webinar, James Guszcza, U.S. Chief Data Scientist at Deloitte Consulting, and Justin Sydnor, Associate Professor in the Department of Risk and Insurance at the University of Wisconsin School of Business, will explore how data science and behavioral science can be applied together to help build better poverty-related policies.

Health and Economic Mobility

Rourke O'Brien and Atheen Venkataramani

September 7, 2016, 1:00–2:00pm CDT

Featuring Rourke O'Brien and Atheen Venkataramani

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New evidence suggests that rates of intergenerational economic mobility—a measure of economic opportunity—vary dramatically across US counties. How might inequality of opportunity influence individual and population health? And to what extent does health itself serve as a determinant of intergenerational economic mobility? In this webinar, Rourke O'Brien (La Follette School of Public Affairs at UW–Madison) and Atheendar Venkataramani (Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School) will examine the interplay between health and economic opportunity and discuss the implications of this nexus for public policy.

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