IRP is seeking talented postdoctoral researchers for the National Poverty Fellows Program. Click on the banner for more information.
IRP Director Lawrence Berger discusses the challenges that families with multipartner fertility or complexity encounter when it comes to determining roles and dividing resources like time, money, and public benefits across multiple households or family groups.
In this webinar, IRP Affiliate J. Michael Collins of UW–Madison's Center for Financial Security and Ida Rademacher of Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) will discuss strategies to promote emergency savings among underserved households. Register Now.
These two policy briefs are drawn from IRP's research and policy conference on Building Human Capital and Economic Potential. They share recent research by leading social scientists on how low-income workers and their families have been affected by the economy and labor market and the performance of the safety net as income supports. The briefs also present promising policy ideas discussed at the conference.
Next IRP Seminar: October 30: Moving Beyond Can Drives and Farmers' Markets to Improve Food Security and Public Health, Darcy Freedman.
"Building Human Capital and Economic Potential" by Carolyn Heinrich and Timothy Smeeding synthesizes papers and discussion from an IRP conference on the challenges of employing workers with low education and skills.
The latest issue of Focus features articles by panelists at the April 2014 conference "Poverty, Policy, and People: 25 Years of Research and Training at the University of Michigan." The articles cover four areas: Poverty and Welfare, Children and Families, Race and Immigration, and Inequality and Mobility.
Berger is a professor in the School of Social Work, where he chairs the doctoral program, and a faculty affiliate of the La Follette School of Public Affairs, Center for Demography and Ecology, Waisman Center, Center for Financial Security, and other campus centers.
On our new ANNALS Family Complexity page, see the table of contents, find rolling access to volume articles, and get a 20 percent off discount code to purchase the volume.
"Is the American Dream Still Attainable?" fact sheet explores recent research on income and wealth inequality and policy ideas for reducing inequality and increasing opportunity.
IRP, ASPE, and OPRE announce the four 2014-2015 postdoctoral fellows who will serve in the National Poverty Fellows Program, a new federal government-university partnership.