This brief summarizes key points of discussion from an April 2016 IRP workshop on how research in the area of poverty and developmental neuroscience can be effectively used to inform public policy.
Using the poverty measure devised for the state, researchers show that Wisconsin's safety net improved the lives of children.
This webinar will examine population and labor market trends in the rural United States since the Great Recession and look at state- and federal-level USDA initiatives aimed at helping recovering rural economies and households.
Ten students graduated and are moving on to poverty-related jobs in academia and policy.
In IRP's June 2016 podcast, Alexes Harris talks about work from her June 2016 book Pound of Flesh: Monetary Legal Sanctions as Punishment for the Poor.
The articles in this issue all examine the topic of incarceration, and how it affects prisoners and their families, both during and after incarceration.