Lawrence Katz will deliver IRP's 2014 Robert Lampman Memorial Lecture on Wednesday, April 23, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. in the Plenary Room, 1310 Grainger Hall, on the UW campus.
The latest issue of IRP's research brief examines the challenges of unstable employment among low-wage workers and explores public policy options that might help.
IRP, ASPE, and OPRE announce the four 2014-2015 postdoctoral fellows who will serve in the National Poverty Fellows Program, a new federal government-university partnership.
RFP: IRP RIDGE Center food assistance research small grants program (NOI: 4/18/14; proposal: 5/2/14)
The latest issue of Focus features articles by IRP's Emerging Scholar small grant recipients, who explore family complexity, poverty, and public policy; and an essay reflecting on poverty policy since the launch of the War on Poverty.
Recent research on how the American family has changed over the past half century is summarized in this inaugural issue of Focus on Policy, IRP's new brief series designed for policymakers.
Mariana Chilton of Drexel University talks about doing participatory research and the lessons this type of work can offer.
March 26, 2014: IRP Webinar: Access to Justice for Low-Income Litigants in Civil Cases, Tonya Brito and David J. Pate, Jr. | Access Now
Next IRP Seminar: April 17, 2014: The Effects of Expanding College Supply on College Enrollment, Choice, and Completion, Isaac McFarlin.
Michael Massoglia, UW-Madison Associate Professor of Sociology, will serve as the respondent for IRP's 2013–2014 New Perspectives in Social Policy seminar.