A special issue of Children and Youth Services Review, edited by Kristen Slack, Lawrence Berger, and Jennifer Noyes, addresses the economic causes and consequences of child abuse and neglect.
IRP weekly seminars meet on Thursdays from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. in room 8417 Social Science Building (unless otherwise noted), and are open to the public.
In this webinar, Kristin Seefeldt will talk about the economic and residential segregation facing many low-income workers, particularly African Americans, and how those factors limit their families' chances for upward mobility.
IRP National Poverty Fellow Nicole Deterding talks about her research that examines employers' responses to degrees from for-profit versus non-profit two-year colleges.
In this webinar, James Guszcza and Justin Sydnor will explore how data science and behavioral science can be applied together to help build better poverty-related policies.
The five articles in the latest issue examine the social determinants of health, and provide support for the argument that social and economic policy is also health policy.
Year end greetings from the Institute for Research on Poverty.
This new brief shares a few of the promising strategies to provide the support and care foster children need at various stages of development.
A reconfigured Scholar-in-Residence Program for underrepresented racial/ethnic groups allows scholars to visit IRP or any of its Collaborative of Poverty Centers partners. Application deadline: February 28, 2017.
Chancellor Blank has selected "Evicted" by Sociologist, MacArthur Fellow, and former IRP Graduate Research Fellow Matthew Desmond as this year's Go Big Read common-reading program.