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Focus & Focus+ 36(3), October 2020
COVID-19 and Poverty

This issue contains three articles on Covid-19 and poverty. The articles examine: the role of administrative burden in constraining access to pandemic relief; how food insecurity is related to public policies and economic factors; and the effects of interpersonal racism on health.

Introduction to the issue

Administrative burdens in the time of Covid-19, by Pamela Herd and Donald Moynihan

Policy and economic factors that affect food security, by Judith Bartfeld and Fei Men

Discrimination and African American health inequities, by Bridget Goosby, Jacob E. Cheadle, and Colter M. Mitchell



Economic Support, Employment, Food & Nutrition, Food Assistance, Food Insecurity, Health, Inequality & Mobility, Means-Tested Programs, Racial/Ethnic Inequality, Social Determinants of Health, Social Insurance Programs, Unemployment/Nonemployment


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