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Policy and economic factors that affect food security

This article summarizes a study looking at how food insecurity is related to public policies and economic characteristics.


  • Policies that increase access to SNAP are related to reduced risk of food insecurity, particularly among economically vulnerable households.
  • More widely available school breakfast may help offset food insecurity.
  • Policies outside of food assistance—including length of unemployment insurance availability, generosity of EITC and potentially higher minimum wages —are linked to food security.
  • A higher unemployment rate is strongly linked to food insecurity.
  • Strengthening the safety net—including both food assistance and broader programs and policies that stabilize and raise incomes for low- and moderate-income households—could help protect the well-being of vulnerable families during Covid-19 response and recovery.


Economic Support, Food & Nutrition, Food Assistance, Food Insecurity, Means-Tested Programs


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