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Director of Medicaid Research & Evaluation – Applications Close: 10/1/2021, 11:55 PM

Coronavirus & Poverty Research Centers

The Institute for Research on Poverty and our national collaborative of peer poverty research centers are especially aware of how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the most vulnerable members of society and straining the social services system.
Families and individuals with low incomes struggle during normal times, but this unprecedented modern crisis has intensified their hardship while also creating barriers to seeking help.
Visit our new Poverty & Covid-19 page for links to resources and emerging research in response to the pandemic and our new Teach & Learn page for poverty-research distance learning materials by IRP and our peer centers.

Health Coverage, Access, Cost, & Quality

Research and analysis projects focus on health care access, cost, financing, health system performance, quality — in short: What works? Who benefits? Who pays?

The Alliance for the American Dream: DreamUp Wisconsin

Connect Rx Wisconsin Team: Gabe Doyle, Hayley Chesnik, Lisa Peyton-Caire, and Robin Lankton
Connect Rx Wisconsin Team: Grand Prize Winners!
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