List of Earlier Reprints 617–688

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List of Earlier Reprints 617-688

Gender and the social rights of citizenship: The comparative analysis of gender relations and welfare states

Orloff, A.
RPT 688. 1993. 26 pp.

Child support assurance: An addition to our Social Security menu

Garfinkel, I.
RPT 687. 1992. 14 pp.

The effect of the Medicaid Program on welfare participation and labor supply

Moffitt, R., and Wolfe, B.
RPT 686. 1992. 12 pp.

Trends in college entry among whites, blacks, and Hispanics

Hauser, R.M.
RPT 685. 1993. 44 pp.

Family structure and the risk of a premarital birth

Wu, L.L., and Martinson, B.C.
RPT 684. 1993. 23 pp.

Custodial fathers: Myths, realities, and child support policy

Meyer, D.R., and Garasky, S.
RPT 683. 1993. 17 pp.

Educational choice (vouchers) and social mobility

Manski, C.F.
RPT 682. 1992. 19 pp.

Child support and welfare dynamics: Evidence from Wisconsin

Meyer, D.R.
RPT 681. 1993. 18 pp.

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Equity in the finance and delivery of health care: United States

Gottschalk, P., and Wolfe, B.
RPT 680. 1993. 39 pp.

The variable effects of high school tracking

Gamoran, A.
RPT 679. 1992. 17 pp.

New evidence on the supply of child care: A statistical portrait of family providers and an analysis of their fees

Walker, J.R.
RPT 678. 1992. 30 pp.

Parent histories: Patterns of change in early life

Martinson, B.C., and Wu, L. L.
RPT 677. 1992. 27 pp.

The effects of attitudes on teenage premarital pregnancy and its resolution

Plotnick, R.D.
RPT 676. 1992. 12 pp.

Spatial isolation of a black underclass: An American case study

Fielding, E., and Taeuber, K.
RPT 675. 1992. 15 pp.

The effect of the minimum wage on the fast-food industry

Katz, L.F., and Krueger, A.B.
RPT 674. 1992. 16 pp.

The effects of parental marital status during adolescence on high school graduation

Sandefur, G.D., McLanahan, S., and Wojtkiewicz, R.A.
RPT 673. 1992. 19 pp.

The effects of alternative child support systems on blacks, Hispanics and non-hispanic whites

Garfinkel, I., Meyer, D.R., and Sandefur, G.D.
RPT 672. 1992. 19 pp.

The uses and limits of statistical analysis in measuring economic discrimination

Cain, G.
RPT 671. 1992. 30 pp.

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Social insurance and public assistance: The influence of gender in welfare thought in the United States, 1890-1935

Gordon, L.
RPT 670. 1992. 36 pp.

Changes in poverty, income inequality and the standard of living during the Reagan years

Plotnick, R.D.
RPT 669. 1992. 16 pp.

Incentive effects of the U.S. welfare system: A review

Moffitt, R.
RPT 668. 1992. 61 pp.

Why did child support award levels decline from 1978 to 1985?

Robins, P.K.
RPT 667. 1992. 18 pp.

A new index to value in-kind benefits

Wolfe, B., and Moffitt, R.
RPT 666. 1992. 22 pp.

A structural model of labor supply and child care demand

Michalopoulos, C., Robins, P.K., and Garfinkel, I.
RPT 665. 1992. 38 pp.

Alternative estimates of the effect of family structure during adolescence on high school graduation

Manski, C.F., Sandefur, G.D., McLanahan, S., and Powers, D.
RPT 664. 1992. 13 pp.

The effects of replacing income tax deductions for children with children's allowances: A microsimulation

Meyer, D.R., Phillips, E., and Maritato, N.L.
RPT 663. 1991. 25 pp.

Child support guidelines: Will they make a difference?

Garfinkel, I., Oellerich, D., and Robins, P.K.
RPT 662. 1991. 26 pp.

Disability transfers and the work decision of older men

Haveman, R., de Jong, P., and Wolfe, B.
RPT 661. 1991. 11 pp.

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Black and white visions of welfare: Women's welfare activism, 1890-1945

Gordon, L.
RPT 660. 1991. 32 pp.

Background and instructional effects on achievements in eighth-grade English and Social Studies

Gamoran, A., and Nystrand, M.
RPT 659. 1991. 23 pp.

Post-high school plans and aspirations of black and white high school seniors: 1976-86

Hauser, R.M., and Anderson, D.K.
RPT 658. 1991. 15 pp.

Desegregation and the stability of white enrollments: A school-level analysis, 1968-84

Smock, P.J., and Wilson, F.D.
RPT 657. 199l. 15 pp.

Research and policy: A symposium on the Family Support Act of 1988

Wiseman, M., Szanton, P.L., Baum, E.B., Haskins, R., Greenberg, D.H., and Mandell, M.B.
RPT 656. 1991. 79 pp.

Estimating nonresponse and response bias: Resident and nonresident parents' reports about child support

Schaeffer, N.C., Seltzer, J.A., and Klawitter, M.
RPT 655. 1991. 30 pp.

Program evaluation with nonexperimental data

Moffitt, R.
RPT 654. 1991. 24 pp.

Child care demand and labor supply of young mothers over time

Blau, D.M., and Robins, P.K.
RPT 653. 1991. 19 pp.

Race, local labour markets and migration in the United States, 1975-1983

Sandefur, G., Tuma, N., and Kephart, G.
RPT 652. 1991. 39 pp.

Turnover in child care arrangements

Blau, D.M., and Robins, P.K.
RPT 651. 1991. 6 pp.

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Private child support: Current and potential impacts

Oellerich, D.T., Garfinkel, I., and Robins, P.K.
RPT 650. 1991. 21 pp.

Socioeconomic change and the decline of marriage for blacks and whites

Mare, R.D., and Winship, C.
RPT 649. 1991. 28 pp.

Toward a longitudinal analysis of homelessness

Sosin, M., Piliavin, I., and Westerfelt, H.
RPT 648. 1990.; 18 pp.

Effects of state welfare, abortion and family planning policies on premarital childbearing among white adolescents

Lundberg, S., and Plotnick, R.D.
RPT 647. 1990. 30 pp.

Relationships between fathers and children who live apart: The father's role after separation

Seltzer, J.A.
RPT 646. 1991. 29 pp.

Antipoverty policies and child poverty

Danziger, S.
RPT 645. 1991. 8 pp.

Childhood events and circumstances influencing high school completion

Haveman, R., Wolfe, B., and Spaulding, J.
RPT 644. 1991. 25 pp.

Five decades of educational assortative mating

Mare, R.D.
RPT 643. 1991. 18 pp.

Keeping inner-city youths in school: Critical experiences of young black women

Danziger, S.K., and Farber, N.B.
RPT 642. 1990. 8 pp.

Determinants of voluntary overtime decisions

Idson, T.L., and Robins, P.K.
RPT 641. 1991. 13 pp.

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Legal custody arrangements and children's economic welfare

Seltzer, J.
RPT 640. 1991. 35 pp.

The taxation of the poor

Chernick, H., and Reschovsky, A.
RPT 639. 1990. 24 pp.

The use of intentions data to predict behavior:A best-case analysis

Manski, C. F.
RPT 638. 1990. 7 pp.

The poor, the rich, and the insecure elderly caught in between

Holden, K.C., and Smeeding, T.M.
RPT 637. 1990. 29 pp.

The effects of the child support provisions of the Family Support Act of 1988 on child well-being

Garfinkel, I., and McLanahan, S.
RPT 636. 1990. 30 pp.

Has state redistribution policy grown more conservative?

Moffitt, R.
RPT 635. 1990. 20 pp.

Legal and physical custody arrangements in recent divorces

Seltzer, J.A.
RPT 634. 1990. 17 pp.

Principles of justice in judgments about child support

Schaeffer, N.C.
RPT 633. 1990. 23 pp.

Child support in paternity cases

Danziger, S. and Nichols-Casebolt, A.
RPT 632. 1990. 17 pp.

Trends in the prevalence of work disability from 1962 to 1984, and their correlates

Wolfe, B., and Haveman, R.
RPT 631. 1990. 28 pp.

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Absent father's ability to pay more child support

McDonald, M., Moran, J. R., and Garfinkel, I.
RPT 630. 1990. 18 pp.

The use of normative standards in family law decisions: Developing mathematical standards for child support

Garfinkel, I., and Melli, M.S.
RPT 629. 1990. 22 pp.

Federal financing of child care: Alternative approaches and economic implications

Robins, P.K.
RPT 628. 1990. 26 pp.

The growth of families headed by women: 1950-1980

Wojtkiewicz, R.A., McLanahan, S.S., and Garfinkel, I.
RPT 627. 1990. 12 pp.

The potential of child care tax credits to reduce poverty and welfare recipiency

Garfinkel, I., Meyer, D., and Wong, P.
RPT 626. 1990. 19 pp.

Job search outcomes for the employed and unemployed

Blau, D.M., and Robins, P.K.
RPT 625. 1990. 19 pp.

Inequality in divorce settlements: An investigation of property settlements and child support awards

Seltzer, J.A., and Garfinkel, I.
RPT 624. 1990. 30 pp.

A reanalysis of marital stability in the Seattle-Denver income-maintenance experiment

Cain, G.G., and Wissoker, D.A.
RPT 623. 1990. 35 pp.

The effect of routine income withholding of child support collections

Garfinkel, I., and Klawitter, M.M.
RPT 622. 1990. 23 pp.

Nonparametric bounds on treatment effects

Manski, C.F.
RPT 621. 1990. 5 pp.

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Explaining recent declines in AFDC participation

Robins, P.K.
RPT 620. 1990. 20 pp.

The black-white difference in youth employment: Evidence for demand-side factors

Cain, G., and Finnie, R.
RPT 619. 1990. 32 pp.

The economic well-being of the disabled, 1962-84

Haveman, R., and Wolfe, B.
RPT 618. 1990. 23 pp.

The Wisconsin Child Support Assurance System: Estimated effects on poverty, labor supply, caseloads, and costs

Garfinkel, I., Robins, P.K., Wong, P., and Meyer, D.
RPT 617. 1990. 32 pp.

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