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Poverty Studies Scholar-in-Residence Program

*U.S. Collaborative of
Poverty Centers (CPC)

The Collaborative marshals the joint resources of the nation's poverty centers to create a sustainable, nationwide infrastructure to facilitate the exchange of applied poverty-policy research ideas and findings. Applicants may apply to visit any one of the member institutions:

Download the 2017–2018 Call for Applications (due February 28, 2017).

As the National Poverty Research Center supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (HHS/ASPE), the Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) at UW–Madison, coordinates a scholar-in-residence program for U.S.-based scholars from underrepresented racial and ethnic populations. Ph.D.-holding scholars at all career levels are eligible to participate.

The Poverty Studies Scholar-in-Residence Program aims to enhance the research interests and resources available to poverty scholars from underrepresented populations, foster interaction among a diverse set of scholars, and broaden the corps of poverty researchers.

Beyond providing scholars an excellent venue for presentation of and feedback on their work, the visits provide extended contact and discussion with IRP/Collaborative of Poverty Centers (CPC) affiliates (see sidebar), which may lead to future collaborations. All scholars-in-residence are invited to attend IRP's annual Summer Research Workshop.

Applicants may choose to visit IRP or any one of its CPC partners for one week, to interact with its resident faculty, present a poverty-related seminar of their choosing, and become acquainted with staff and resources. Visitors will confer with a faculty host, who will arrange for interchange with others. Junior scholars will be matched with a mentor and integrated into the Center's mentorship and training activities for emerging scholars. IRP will cover transportation, lodging, and meals.

A call for applications for the following academic year is released each December with an end of February deadline and end of March notification of outcome. Applications for 2017–2018 are due February 28, 2017. Up to four scholars will be sponsored. Applicants will be notified of their application outcome by March 31, 2017.

Applicants should provide the following materials as one PDF file:

  1. a letter describing your poverty research interests and experience, and indicating the CPC institution you are applying to visit (junior scholars may also propose a senior mentor at that Center);
  2. your curriculum vitae; and
  3. two examples of your poverty-related written material.
    Submit materials online. Questions may be directed to

Self-Supported Visitors

In addition to sponsoring the visits of underrepresented scholars, IRP hosts a broad range of faculty, researchers, and policy analysts for limited or longer-term stays. IRP offers these visitors office space, access to computers, and the opportunity to interact with IRP affiliates and other scholars on campus and participate in campus events. Access to the data resources housed at IRP may also be arranged.

These visitors are responsible for all of their own expenses beyond office space and computer access. IRP particularly encourages visits by researchers located in the Midwest or those with special interest in topics having a Midwest focus.

Applicants to this program must be: (1) U.S.-based scholars or scholars conducting U.S.-based research related to poverty and inequality, and (2) visitors who have a connection to an IRP Affiliate or have identified an IRP Affiliate who is willing to host her or his visit. Applications for this program that meet these conditions are accepted year round.

Potential visitors are asked to submit the following:

  1. a letter describing their poverty research interests and experience;
  2. the proposed dates for a visit;
  3. a current curriculum vitae; and
  4. two examples of written material

To Dana Connelly, Institute for Research on Poverty, 1180 Observatory Drive, Madison WI 53706; fax: 608-265-3119; e-mail:

About the Scholars

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