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Database Contents (as of January 2012)

IRP Affiliate Publications (AP)
Poverty-related journal articles and book chapters published by IRP Affiliates.
Years of coverage: 2005 - present
Only bibliographic information is available.

Focus articles
Years of coverage: 1976 (Vol.1, no.1) - present
Full text available (pdf): 1976 (Vol.1, no.1) - present

Fast Focus articles
Years of coverage: 2008 (No.1) - present
Full text available (pdf): 2008 (No.1) - present

IRP Discussion Papers (DP)
Technical treatments of research in progress, as yet unpublished.
Years of coverage: 1966 - present
Full text available (pdf): 1966 - present

IRP Special Reports (SR)
Selected reports prepared for government agencies, committees, or commissions.
Years of coverage: 1976 - present
Full text available (pdf): 1995 - present

IRP Project Publications (PP)
Research project reports not published as DPs, SRs, or Focus articles.
Years of coverage: 1999 - present
Full text available (pdf): 1999 - present

IRP Doctoral Dissertations (DD)
Poverty-related doctoral dissertations from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Years of coverage: 1966 - 2011
Bibliographic information is available

IRP Reprints (RPT)
Years of coverage: 1988 - 2005
Full texts of IRP reprints are not available online due to copyright restrictions.

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