IRP places a high priority on the dissemination of the findings and implications of our research and evaluation activities, and we produce a range of materials for this purpose. Given the different needs of policymakers, practitioners, academics, students, the press, and the public, we employ a variety of strategies to reach these diverse audiences. Publications that are available and searchable on this website include a broad-audience newsletter, research brief, policy and practice briefs (forthcoming), special reports, and fact sheets. IRP also has a growing library of webinars, podcasts, and videos that highlight our affiliates' and visiting scholars' latest research. All of the IRP resources produced in these efforts are briefly described and linked below.


A newsletter designed to acquaint a large audience with Institute work by means of in-depth, nontechnical essays describing selected pieces of research. Published electronically (only; Focus is no longer printed and mailed) two times a year. Reproduction of articles in Focus requires permission from IRP. To receive electronic notification of Focus, please send a message to with the phrase "FOCUS ELECTRONIC" in the subject line.

Fast Focus

Brief, single-topic summaries of important IRP conferences, publications, and events disseminated only electronically. Articles in Fast Focus and Focus will be distinct but complementary. To subscribe, visit

Focus on Policy

Two-page fact sheets summarizing recent poverty-related research for policymakers.

Discussion Papers

Technical treatments of research in progress, as yet unpublished. Submissions from IRP affiliates to the Discussion Paper series are welcome. Please refer to submission guidelines.

Links to peer Poverty Research Center Working Papers: Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality | Center for Poverty Research at UC Davis | National Poverty Center

IRP-Morgridge Poverty Fact Sheets

IRP is collaborating with the UW Morgridge Center for Public Service to raise awareness in the campus community, especially among undergraduate students, of important social issues through sharing research findings in a series of fact sheets. The sheets are developed by Morgridge student interns under the mentorship of IRP Editor Deborah Johnson and are distributed to Morgridge Badger Volunteers, who perform community service.



IRP announces its new series of podcasts, hosted by IRP Editor David Chancellor.

IRP Webinar Series

IRP has established a new series of interactive online seminars designed to more broadly disseminate current research on poverty and social inequality in the United States.

IRP-Urban Webinar Series

The webinars in this collaborative series will feature researchers from IRP and the Urban Institute sharing sophisticated, policy-relevant research related to poverty and inequality.


Videos of past IRP Events.

Special Reports

Reports prepared for govenment agencies, committees, or commissions.

Submissions from IRP affiliates to the Special Report series are welcome. Please see submission guidelines.

Special Reports from SR 83 on are available in electronic form only, as .pdf files posted on the IRP website. Special Reports 67-82 are posted in full on the website and will be available in printed form until existing copies are exhausted. Special Reports 1-66 may be available in printed form or can be xeroxed for a fee. Please e-mail Publications at for information. Prices of individual reports appear on the website.

Reprint Abstracts, 1993–2004

Abstracts of select professional journal articles published by Institute affiliates and staff between 1993 and 2004.

Full texts of IRP reprints are not available online or in hard copy due to copyright restrictions, please refer to the citation given in the article.

Available online:
Title list from #617 (1990) to #688 (1993).
Abstracts from #689 (1993) to present.


Abstracts of books and older titles by IRP affiliates.

Available online:
Title list from 1970 to present.
Abstracts from 1994 to present.

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