IRP Initiatives

The research programs conducted by faculty affiliates are complemented by a variety of other initiatives that encompass training, technical assistance, and outreach. UW programs focus on training and include the Graduate Research Fellows and Visiting Scholars programs. Regional initiatives in which IRP is working closely with state agencies include WELPAN and the push for greater integration of social welfare services. Collaborative national initiatives and activities include the Center on Business and Poverty, the Family Impact Seminars, and efforts to secure a revised and more accurate poverty measure.

Center on Child Welfare Policy and Practice (CCWPP)

The Center on Child Welfare Policy and Practice (CCWPP) is a research center at UW–Madison that promotes child and family well-being through interdisciplinary research and enhanced collaboration and communication among the researchers, policymakers, and practitioners seeking best practices in preventing child maltreatment.  The Center is a joint initiative of the School of Social Work (SSW) and the Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) to provide a home base for longstanding efforts on behalf of vulnerable children in Wisconsin and the Midwest and the infrastructure needed to expand that work.

Taking the lead in establishing the Center were Kristen Shook Slack, Professor and Director of the School of Social Work, and Jennifer Noyes, IRP researcher and Associate Director of Programs and Management, both of whom have affiliations with SSW and IRP and bring a wealth of expertise in child welfare research and administration.  Slack and Noyes, who are serving as Center co-directors, summarize the Center’s objectives as follows: to conduct and disseminate rigorous research; ensure state-of-the-art academic curriculum; and enhance provision of technical assistance.

Center researchers identify “what works” in child abuse and neglect prevention and intervention and share that empirical evidence with individuals and groups vested in reducing the incidence of child maltreatment and improving the circumstances of children and families served by child welfare systems.

To learn more about the Center and read the latest CCWPP-related news from IRP and SSW, click here.

Extramural Research Funding Program

As the National Poverty Research Center supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (DHHS/ASPE), IRP conducts an annual Extramural Research Funding Program to support timely research that addresses policy-relevant questions.

IRP RIDGE Center for National Food and Nutrition Assistance Research

Visiting Scholars Programs