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IRP Focus Alert: Periodic notification of and links to recently released issues of Focus and Fast Focus
IRP Publications Alert: Periodic notification of and links to recently released Discussion Papers and Special Reports.
Poverty Dispatches: Biweekly messages with links to Web-based news items dealing with poverty, welfare reform, and related topics. Each Dispatch lists links to current news in popular print media.
What's New at IRP: Periodic messages with IRP news, including recent publications, seminar schedules, conferences, IRP Affiliates’ awards and honors, and other general Institute news.
IRP Announcements: A semi-monthly compilation of poverty-related employment and research opportunities as a service to the larger poverty research and policy community; it is not intended to serve as a comprehensive resource, nor does inclusion imply endorsement.
IRP RIDGE: Provides periodic notification of food assistance research grant opportunities, calls for visiting scholar applications, and links to new research findings of the RIDGE Center for National Food and Nutrition Assistance Research.
UW CCWPP News: Periodically informs subscribers of recent research findings and other news of the Center on Child Welfare Policy and Practice, an IRP and School of Social Work joint initiative.