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Reforming housing assistance to better respond to recipient needs

Robert Collinson of University of Notre Dame, Ingrid Gould Ellen of New York University, and Jens Ludwig of University of Chicago share a history of housing assistance in the United States and recommendations for how the system can be more responsive to those who qualify for support. The types of housing assistance most commonly available have changed over the years and include both support tied to a particular location and dollars that go with the tenant. In a system where only a fraction of people who qualify receive help, and even fewer receive help quickly, there is significant room for improvement. Reforms include tailoring the program more to local conditions such as availability of housing stock and cost of living, as well as standardizing available benefits from region to region and state to state.


Children, Economic Support, Employment, Financial Security, Homelessness, Housing, Housing Assistance, Housing Market, Labor Market, Means-Tested Programs, Place, Place General, Poverty Measurement, Poverty Measurement General, Social Insurance Programs, Transition to Adulthood


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