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Focus & Focus+ 36(4), December 2020
Systemic racism and the justice system

This issue contains three articles addressing systemic racism and its intersection with the civil and criminal justice systems. Systemic racism refers to racism that has become normal practice within a society. It can lead to discrimination in many areas; these articles examine the interaction of systemic racism with civil justice in a family court setting, civil and criminal justice in regard to housing, and criminal justice and health. This issue also includes two “Research to watch” features, the first introducing a new study by Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana, and the second describing an ongoing project by Tawandra Rowell-Cunsolo, Rahwa Haile, and Anthonine Pierre.

Introduction to the issue
Negotiating race and racial inequality in family court, by Tonya L. Brito, David J. Pate Jr., and Jia-Hui Stefanie Wong
Crime-free housing ordinances and eviction, by Kathryn Ramsey Mason
The effects of having an incarcerated family member on Black women’s health, by Hedwig Lee, Christopher Wildeman, Emily A. Wang, Niki Matusko, and James S. Jackson


Arrears & Related Policy, Child Support, Court System, Eviction & Foreclosure, Health, Housing, Incarceration, Inequality & Mobility, Justice System, Policing, Racial/Ethnic Inequality, Social Determinants of Health


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