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Supporting the Early Care and Education Workforce: Evidence and Opportunities

  • Lea Austin, Anna Markowitz, and Laura Dresser
  • October 18 2023
  • W106-2023

Lea Austin

Anna Markowitz

Laura Dresser

Lea Austin, Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, University of California, Berkeley
Anna Markowitz, Department of Education, University of California, Los Angeles
Laura Dresser, Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work and COWS, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Access to high-quality, affordable child care is a necessity for many families and for a well-functioning society as a whole. But providers of early care and education—many of whom are women and people of color—often face challenges and disincentives to stay, which may include low wages, a lack of health or retirement benefits or paid time off, high turnover, difficulties accessing professional development, and a lack of recognition of the critical role they play in children’s development. In this webinar, we will learn about the current early care and education landscape, what support early educators need, obstacles providers must overcome to provide this essential service, and what measures and policies can support a fairly-compensated and supported workforce that is able to provide high-quality care.

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Children, Children General, Early Childhood Care & Education, Education & Training, Employment, Family & Partnering, Labor Market, Low-Wage Work, Parenting


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