Inequality & Mobility

Inequality describes the extent to which resources or outcomes (e.g., income, wealth, consumption, health, education) are similarly or unevenly distributed among individuals, groups, populations, or societies. Mobility refers to the frequency with which individuals, groups, or populations within a society change social or economic position in areas such as income, wealth, education, occupation, and the like.

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The Effects of Immigration Enforcement on Vulnerable Individuals and Communities

  • Michael T. Light, Joaquín Alfredo-Angel Rubalcaba, and Asad L. Asad
  • Webinar
  • April 24 2024
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Interrupting Intergenerational Poverty: New Research and Recommendations for Policy and Practice

  • Greg Duncan, Mary E. Pattillo, Michael R. Strain, and Rita Hamad
  • Webinar
  • March 20 2024
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The Growing Burden of Black Student Debt

  • Jordan Conwell and Louise Seamster
  • Webinar
  • February 21 2024
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Disrupting Discrimination in Funding for Early Care and Education

  • Karen Babbs Hollett and Erica Frankenberg
  • Focus on Poverty & Classroom Supplement
  • January 2024