IRP Financial and Travel Resources

Purchasing Goods and Services ($5,000 or less)

Purchasing with an IRP Purchasing Credit Card

The UW Purchasing Card is intended for purchases within the University’s $5,000 best-judgment purchase limit. Only the individual whose name is embossed on a purchasing card is allowed to use that card to make purchases. Cardholders may not share their cards or account numbers with others; however, a cardholder may use the purchasing card to make purchases on behalf of other employees or non-employees (e.g. airfare for another traveler).

Contact IRP purchasing card holders Dana Connelly, or Shawn Lasnicka to make a purchase on a UW purchasing card using IRP funds.

Payment of Invoices with IRP funds

You may submit invoices to IRP ($5,000 or less) for payment with IRP funds. The purchase of goods or services must comply with the University of Wisconsin’s purchasing policies and procedures, and accounting policies and procedures. UW-Madison requires that a completed and signed form W-9 (or W-8BEN) be on file for all payments requests. The UW is exempt from paying WI sales tax.

Please send the following required information to: Dana Connelly,

  • Invoice from the vendor (if services, it must show description of services rendered with dates of service)
  • If paying individual: will need full name (Last, First, initial) and dates of service
  • W9 (completed form by individual, company or organization, please send via encrypted email)
  • Funding string to charge
  • Business Purpose: description of services rendered (elaborate on what is provided in the invoice)
  • Vendor/individual mailing address and contact email if not included in the invoice or W9
  • Additional documentation may be required upon request

Purchasing Goods and Services (over $5,000)

If your goods or services are over $5,000, a requisition is needed, which will involve a procurement specialist. Only delegated UW Procurement Specialists have signature authority for procurement contracts. If more than one vendor is able to provide the service(s) a simplified bidding process is required (purchases totaling more than $5,000 and not exceeding $50,000).

Custodian Funds

Information on setting up a Custodian Fund can be found here.

Temporary Funds: A type of custodian fund involving funds used for Research Participant Studies that are for less than one year. Temporary Funds are used to pay research participants by cash or gift card for research participant studies that are for less than one year  Temporary Funds procedure

Register for required Custodian Funds Training here  

IRP Custodian Fund Contacts:  Shawn Lasnicka, or Matthew Wyndham


Travel must be booked through Travel Inc via Concur or with a travel agent (except travel within a foreign country). You must work with Travel Inc for any ticket changes or cancellations. Travel Inc Support: (877) 811-9898

Expense Reimbursement

Travel related and all non-travel related expenses must be submitted and substantiated within 90 days from the end of the business trip or date the expense was incurred.

Reimbursement for travel and expenses to individuals (employees and non-employees) must be done through the e-Reimbursement system. UW employees may prepare a reimbursement themselves, or have an Alternate prepare it on their behalf.

To assign an Alternate to submit your expense report: Instructions to assign an alternate. IRP Staff available to serve as Alternate: Dana Connelly,

SERVICES are NOT reimbursable via e-reimbursement. If you need to purchase a service of any kind, including fees to submit an abstract, or services paid to an individual or a company, these can be made with a purchasing card, direct payment, or payment to individual

Hosted Meals: Hosted Business Meal Claims

To submit an Expense Reimbursement Report, provide the following information:

For assistance with IRP financial services, please contact:

Dana Connelly