Webinar Icon

The Costs of Monetary Sanctions in the Criminal Legal System

  • Alexes Harris, Robert Stewart, Kate O'Neill, Daniel Boches, and Brittany Friedman
  • Webinar
  • 2022
Focus and Focus+ Icon

Crime, punishment, and American inequality

  • Christopher Uggen
  • Focus on Poverty & Classroom Supplement
  • 2016
Fast Focus Research/Policy Brief Icon

Incarceration and CPS involvement

  • Lawrence M. Berger, Maria Cancian, Laura Cuesta, and Jennifer L. Noyes
  • Fast Focus Policy Brief
  • 2016
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Young Disadvantaged Men: Fathers, Families, Poverty, and Policy An Introduction to the Issues

  • Timothy M. Smeeding, Irwin Garfinkel, and Ronald B. Mincy
  • Discussion Paper
  • 2010