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Youth Trauma and Resilience in Contexts of Poverty

  • Noni Gaylord-Harden, Jocelyn Smith Lee, and Alvin Thomas
  • August 17 2022
  • W92-2022

Noni Gaylord-Harden

Jocelyn Smith Lee

Alvin Thomas

Noni Gaylord-Harden, Texas A&M University
Jocelyn Smith Lee, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Alvin Thomas, University of Wisconsin–Madison

A growing body of research has begun to change understandings of how toxic environments can affect young people, particularly African American boys and young men. In this webinar, we hear from Noni Gaylord-HardenJocelyn Smith Lee, and Alvin Thomas about risk and protective factors for youth exposed to poverty, racism, and violence, and about how research, policy, and practice can incorporate these lessons.

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