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The Costs of Monetary Sanctions in the Criminal Legal System

  • Alexes Harris, Robert Stewart, Kate O'Neill, Daniel Boches, and Brittany Friedman
  • April 14 2022
  • W88-2022

Alexes HarrisRobert StewartKate O'NeillDaniel BochesBrittany Friedman

Alexes Harris, University of Washington
Robert Stewart, University of Maryland
Kate O’Neill, University of Washington
Daniel Boches, University of Georgia
Brittany Friedman, University of Southern California

Monetary sanctions are the fees, fines, and other costs that stem from individuals making contact with the criminal legal system. These costs can worsen existing financial inequalities and can have impacts that affect not just the individual subject to the sanctions, but that person’s family and community as well. This webinar features presentations from five researchers who contributed to two recent issues of The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences:  

  • Alexes Harris introduces the topic of monetary sanctions
  • Robert Stewart discusses a study on Native Americans and monetary sanctions in Minnesota
  • Kate O’Neill talks about local dependence on fines and fees as a revenue source and connections with women’s incarceration
  • Daniel Boches reviews a study on how monetary sanctions may harm people beyond the individual subject to the sanctions
  • Brittany Friedman discusses how fines and fees fit within broader policy contexts

Recording of the Webinar


Court System, Fines & Fees, Incarceration, Inequality & Mobility, Justice System, Juvenile Justice, Policing, Racial/Ethnic Inequality