Call for Applications: IRP Extramural Small Grant on Poverty, Retirement, and Disability Research (Deadline: 5/17/2019)

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The Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) in collaboration with the Center for Financial Security (CFS) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have funding to support the study of economically vulnerable populations related to poverty, retirement, and disability policy. Funded by a cooperative agreement between CFS and the Social Security Administration, this small grants program is designed to expand the reach of poverty research into issues related to retirement and disability policies and programs. Applicants can propose research projects that address any area of relevance to retirement and disability research. Issues and studies of special interest include:

  • Interactions between public assistance and social insurance over the life course.
  • The role of health, health insurance, and financial decisions in household financial security.
  • How economically vulnerable households combine work, pensions, and social insurance over the life course.
  • and Low-net-wealth households and retirement well-being, including the role of housing wealth, saving, and debt.

Studies may be quantitative or qualitative in nature and may employ a mix of research designs and analytic methods.

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