University of Wisconsin–Madison

Melody Harvey

Assistant Professor

Department of Consumer Science
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Melody Harvey

Melody Harvey is an Assistant Professor of Consumer Science at University of Wisconsin–Madison. She is also a Faculty Affiliate at La Follette School of Public Affairs. She is a social scientist who studies how public policies affect financial capability among economically vulnerable populations. Her current research encompasses three main domains: (1) assessing the effects of K–12 financial education policies on youth and young adults’ financial outcomes across different socioeconomic groups; (2) investigating how financial regulations affect alternative financial services use; and (3) examining heterogeneities in consumer policy implementation. Previously, she was a National Poverty Fellow at IRP (2018–2020), which she served in residence at OPRE in Washington, DC.

Melody Harvey's Research Interests

  • Consumer policy and regulation
  • Financial capability and well-being
  • Low- and moderate-income individuals, families, and households
  • Role of K-12 education policies in shaping young adults’ finances
  • Social policy
  • Socioeconomic status, class, and economic standing

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