Sarah Elizabeth Farr

Dissertation Research Fellow

Department of Sociology & Community and Environmental Sociology
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Sarah Elizabeth Farr

Sarah Elizabeth Farr is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Sociology & Community and Environmental Sociology. Her dissertation is entitled: The Politics of Homeownership: Property Relations, Distributive Struggles, and Group Formation. Sarah’s dissertation draws on two different empirical projects. The IRP Fellowship will support one of the two projects, which is titled Redistributing Inequality: Community Organizations, Privatized Urban Governance, and the Politics of Property Value in Milwaukee’s Neighborhood Improvement Districts.

Date of Dissertation Research Fellowship: 2023–2024 academic year
Advisor: Gay Seidman
IRP Sponsor and Dissertation Committee Member: Katherine Curtis

Twitter: @sarahefarr

Sarah Elizabeth Farr's Research Interests

  • Urban policy
  • Housing/property markets
  • Community organizations
  • Place inequality

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