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Wisconsin Poverty Report Update: Why isn’t the Economy Doing More to Reduce Poverty in Wisconsin?

  • Timothy Smeeding
  • July 17 2019
  • W55-2019

Timothy Smeeding
Timothy Smeeding

Researchers at the Institute for Research on Poverty released the 11th annual Wisconsin Poverty Report on June 24, 2019. The report found that, despite an improving economy in the state, poverty levels are about the same as in the years in the immediate recovery from the Great Recession. In this webinar, report author Timothy Smeeding discusses the findings of the report, including possible explanations for why the economy isn’t doing more to lift people out of poverty in the state, and directions for policy that could help.



Economic Support, Employment, Health, Health Care, Labor Market, Low-Wage Work, Poverty Measurement, Retirement, Social Insurance Programs, State & Local Measures, Unemployment/Nonemployment, WI Administrative Data Core


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