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Housing and Climate Change

  • Max Besbris, Amy Chester, Ivis Garcia Zambrana, and James Elliott
  • October 12 2022
  • W94-2022

Max Besbris

Amy Chester

Ivis Garcia Zambrana

James Elliott

Max Besbris, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Amy Chester, Rebuild by Design
Ivis Garcia Zambrana, Texas A&M University
James Elliott, Rice University

In recent years, natural disasters driven by climate change have led to increased residential instability and related housing challenges. In this webinar, experts Max Besbris of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Amy Chester of Rebuild by Design, Ivis Garcia of Texas A&M University, and James Elliott of Rice University describe how disasters in and around the United States and related recovery efforts can potentially worsen existing inequalities. The presenters also discuss the development of climate-resilient housing recovery and relocation policies designed to mitigate financial and social costs of climate-related disasters.

Recording of the Webinar

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Max Besbris presentation slides
Amy Chester presentation slides
Ivis Garcia Zambrana presentation slides
James Elliott presentation slides


Housing, Housing Assistance, Housing Market, Inequality & Mobility, Place, Place General, Racial/Ethnic Inequality