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Characteristics of Shared-Placement Child Support Formulas Used in the Fifty States

In this report IRP examines the most current child support guidelines used in other states in shared placement cases. This study includes time-share threshold levels for defining shared placement, formulas used to calculate child support, factors used in those formulas, and the consideration of “variable costs” such as medical, educational, and child care expenses.

Eight to ten of the more common or most promising formulas are then applied to a variety of common and uncommon parental income and time-share situations to compare their effect on equity issues: for example, which parent is the child support obligor, what is the level of child support obligation, and whether “cliff effects” in the formula outcomes would provide incentives for parents to litigate or would generate substantial financial inequities among obligors.


Child Support, Child Support Policy Research, Custody & Placement, Guidelines, Orders & Payments