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Building human capital and economic potential

The Institute for Research on Policy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, in collaboration with the Center for Health and Social Policy (CHASP) at the University of Texas at Austin, launched a major research initiative on “Building Human Capital and Economic Potential” to enhance understanding of how policies and programs can build economic self-sufficiency by increasing labor market skills, employment, and earnings, particularly among low-skilled and disadvantaged populations. This Fast Focus describes the key themes and research undertakings in this initiative, the findings presented, and some of the policy ideas advances at the conference. See also two policy briefs that go into greater detail about the policy ideas: Focus on Policy Brief No. 2: “Building Economic Self-Sufficiency” and Focus on Policy Brief No. 3: “Helping the Hard-to-Employ and Their Families.”


Economic Support, Education & Training, Employment, Family & Partnering, Family & Partnering General, Financial Security, Job Training, Labor Market, Low-Wage Work


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