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Helping the Hard-to-Employ and Their Families

This policy brief, by Carolyn Heinrich and Timothy Smeeding, looks at the research evidence on hard-to-employ persons—such as young single mothers, ex-offenders, and people with less than a high school diploma—and how measures to stabilize the economy during the Great Recession, coupled with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act income support policy expansions, helped keep poverty from rising for children. Many conference presentations focused on ways to improve work opportunities, earnings, and incomes for this group, many of which are featured in this policy brief.


Child Poverty, Children, Economic Support, Education & Training, Employment, Family & Partnering, Family & Partnering General, Food & Nutrition, Food Assistance, Job Training, Justice System, Low-Wage Work, Means-Tested Programs, Prisoner Reentry, Social Insurance Programs, Unemployment/Nonemployment


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