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Addressing Racial Wealth Inequality

  • Fenaba Addo, Jacob Faber, and William Darity, Jr.
  • July 28 2021
  • W78-2021

Jacob William Faber

William Darity, Jr

Fenaba Addo, Associate Professor of Public Policy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jacob Faber, Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, New York University
William A. Darity, Jr., Samuel DuBois Cook Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Duke University

In the United States, there are substantial racial disparities in wealth, with the typical White family holding many times the wealth of the typical Black or Hispanic family. In this recording of a July 28, 2021, webinar, we hear from Dr. Fenaba Addo about the precarity of the Black middle class, Dr. Jacob Faber about a discriminatory federal policy housing policy that has shaped today’s racial geography, and Dr. William Darity, Jr., about the how and why of a federal reparations policy.

Recording of the Webinar


Employment, Inequality & Mobility, Labor Market, Place, Place General, Racial/Ethnic Inequality, Wealth