Family & Partnering

Family life and economic status are closely intertwined. Fertility, family formation, family structure, parental relationship dissolution, multiple-partner fertility, and family complexity patterns vary by socioeconomic status, as do parenting behaviors and the quality of children’s home environments. The family contexts in which children are born and raised are, in turn, associated with their own economic and social well-being throughout their lives.

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Incarceration, Child Support, and Family Relationships

  • Pajarita Charles, Grace Landrum, Yoona Kim, and Daniel R. Meyer
  • Report
  • May 2024
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Interrupting Intergenerational Poverty: New Research and Recommendations for Policy and Practice

  • Greg Duncan, Mary E. Pattillo, Michael R. Strain, and Rita Hamad
  • Webinar
  • March 20 2024
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Fathers Supporting Fathers

  • Tova Walsh, Darryl Davidson, Alan-Michael S. Graves, Eugene Crisler, and Joshua Zawadi
  • Webinar
  • February 07 2024
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Supporting Engaged Fatherhood and Family Well-Being: The Role of Policy from the Community Level to the Federal Level

  • Tova Walsh, David Pate, Jr., Congressman Jimmy Gomez, and Darryl Davidson
  • Webinar
  • November 29 2023