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Economic Support General

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Estimating Poverty in the Covid-19 Era

  • Jennifer Romich, Linda Giannarelli, Zachary Parolin, Bradley Hardy, and Pamela McCauley
  • Webinar
  • July 15 2020
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Considerations for Successful Virtual Case Management in Human Service Delivery

  • Joe Raymond, Lauren Supplee, and Gerrie Cotter
  • Webinar
  • April 2020
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Pathways to Prosperity and Well-Being: A New Family-Centered Approach to Human Services Delivery

  • Leigh Durbahn, Paul Fleissner, Jenny Douville, and Sook Jin Ong
  • Webinar
  • January 15 2020
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Michael Strain: The American Dream Isn’t Dead

  • Michael Strain
  • Podcast
  • November 2019
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Rural Poverty Fifty Years After The People Left Behind

  • Bruce Weber and Ann Tickamyer
  • Webinar
  • September 12 2018
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Suburban Poverty

  • Will Maher
  • Poverty Fact Sheet
  • February 2018
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Making a difference over 50 years

  • Rebecca M. Blank
  • Focus & Focus+
  • Special Issue 2017
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The Decentralization of the U.S. Safety Net

  • Sarah Bruch, Marcia Meyers, and Janet Gornick
  • Webinar
  • December 14 2016
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How school quality affects the success of a conditional cash transfer program

  • Sharon Wolf, J. Lawrence Aber, and Pamela A. Morris
  • Focus & Focus+
  • Fall/Winter (2014–2015) 2015