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Silo WinLDS Troubleshooting

Log in to Silo from a web browser

The message challenge for 2-factor authentication should be entered as a 6-digit number with no spaces

WinLDS is like WinStat: if you “disconnect” it will keep your session running.  A hard “Sign Out” can often help prevent problems associated with an open session.

If you try to silosync a file with the same name as an existing file in your receiving silosync directory, it will not work. It will not overwrite a file with a newer version of the same name.

WinLDS has regularly scheduled downtime during the morning on the first Wednesday of each month.

More information on Silo from SSCC

Policies To Remember

Data use is authorized by project only.

Individual-level data remains on Silo servers.

Work with IRP data on Silo should be limited to non-public locations.