Graduate Student Research Workshop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Is there a word limit to the questions in the application document?
While we don’t have a strict word limit, we would encourage you to be as concise as possible.
How much detail do I need to write about my proposed methodology?
You do not need to provide extensive details on methods and it is okay if that is still under development but you should provide information about whether the research is qualitative or quantitative the proposed target population, instrumentation (if determined), and the type of analysis you are planning to conduct.
Are international students eligible?
Yes, international doctoral students are eligible as long as they are attending a U.S. university.
Are US citizens attending international universities eligible?
No, all applicants must be at a U.S. university.
What is the primary reason applicants are unsuccessful?
The most common issue with unsuccessful applications is that the dissertation topic is not sufficiently focus on issues of poverty, economic mobility or inequality. While we welcome applications from a broad range of disciplines, unsuccessful applicants often have dissertations that touch on aspects of the lived experiences of Black/immigrant/Hispanic/Indigenous communities but do not make explicit links to how those experiences relate to economic mobility, poverty or inequality. For example, a dissertation focused on the experiences of Black graduate students attending predominately White institutions may not be a good fit for this opportunity unless the dissertation was explicitly focused on the impacts of that experience on the economic mobility of the students.