2015 Teaching Poverty 101

Poverty 101: A Workshop in Teaching Poverty and Inequality Courses at the College Level, 2015

The 2015 workshop was held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison from May 26–29, 2015 and was organized by Robert Haveman and Thomas Corbett. Twenty-seven college and university instructors from across the United States attended the workshop.

The following presentations and resources have been made available by the workshop instructors. Any views expressed in these materials are those of the presenters alone and not necessarily those of the sponsors.

AgendaPoverty 101 Group Picture

Conceptualizing Poverty

Tom Corbett, UW–Madison:
Discussant: Pam Herd, UW–Madison

Measuring Poverty

Bob Haveman, UW–Madison
Discussant: Jim Walker, UW–Madison | Presentation

Poverty: A Historical Overview of Poverty and Poverty Policy

Tom Corbett, UW–Madison

Identifying the Poor

Geoffrey Wallace, UW–Madison

The Causes of American Poverty, An Overview (Panel Presentation)

Possible Cures for Poverty (Panel Presentation)

Moderator and Overview: Bob Haveman, UW–Madison

The Changing Labor Market and Rising Inequality

Bob Haveman, UW–Madison
Discussant: Mark Courtney, University of Chicago

Impact of Selected Anti-Poverty Programs in the United States

Bob Haveman, UW–Madison
Discussants: Mark Courtney, University of Chicago; and Matt Stagner, Mathematica and University of Chicago

Early Childhood Experience and Poverty

Katherine Magnuson, UW–Madison
Discussant: Karen Bogenschneider, UW–Madison |  Presentation

U.S. Health Policy and the Poor

Barbara Wolfe, UW–Madison

Ethnographic Approaches to Understanding the Poor and the Systems that Serve the Poor

Rethinking Human Services

Jennifer Noyes, UW–Madison; and Tom Corbett, UW–Madison

Roundtable: What Issues will Dominate the Poverty Debate over the Next Decade?
Steven Durlauf, UW–Madison; Matt Stagner, Mathematica and University of Chicago; and Mike Massoglia, UW–Madison