Jane Waldfogel

Compton Foundation Centennial Professor of Social Work for the Prevention of Children's and Youth Problems
Co-Director of the Columbia Population Research Center


School of Social Work
Columbia University

Jane Waldfogel is a professor of social work and public affairs at Columbia School of Social Work and a visiting professor at the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion at the London School of Economics. She has written extensively on the impact of public policies on child and family well-being. Waldfogel’s research focuses on the effects of public policies on child and family well-being, both in the U.S. and cross-nationally. Current research interests include improving the measurement of poverty, work-family policies, and understanding socioeconomic status gaps in child development.

Jane Waldfogel's Research Interests

  • The impact of public policies on child and family well-being
  • Poverty, inequality, and social mobility

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