Laura Tach

Associate Professor

Department of Policy Analysis and Management
Cornell University

Laura Tach

Laura Tach is an Associate Professor of Policy Analysis and Management and Sociology (by courtesy) at Cornell University. She is a sociologist who studies urban poverty and family life. Her mixed-methods research examines how neighborhoods and families reproduce inequality and how public policy affects these processes. Her two main areas of research focus on how neighborhood inequality has changed as a result of housing policies designed to deconcentrate poverty and the family structure and economic coping strategies of the urban poor. Tach’s recent projects have examined child wellbeing in unstable and complex families, the dynamics of father involvement following nonmarital births, and how families view and use the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Laura Tach's Research Interests

  • Poverty & inequality
  • Social policy
  • Family demography
  • Housing & neighborhoods
  • Mixed methods

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