Michael Stoll

Professor of Public Policy and Urban Planning


Luskin School of Public Affairs
University of California, Los Angeles

Michael Stoll is Professor in the School of Public Affairs, and Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Urban Poverty, at UCLA. His research interests include the study of urban poverty and inequality, and crime and prisons. His published work includes an examination of the labor market difficulties of less-skilled workers, in particular the role that racial residential segregation, job location patterns, job skill demands, employer discrimination, job competition, transportation job information and criminal records play in limiting employment opportunities. His current research examines the labor market consequences of mass incarceration, the prison boom in the U.S., the social and economic consequences of urban sprawl, and auto insurance premiums and traffic patterns in metropolitan areas.

Michael Stoll's Research Interests

  • Urban poverty and inequality
  • Labor market difficulties of low-skilled workers
  • Employment situation of ex-offenders

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