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Wisconsin Poverty Report: How a State-Level Alternative Poverty Measure Can Be Used to Advance Poverty Measurement and Policy

  • Julia Isaacs and Timothy Smeeding
  • April 27 2015
  • W14-2015

This webinar will feature Julia Isaacs, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute and affiliate of IRP, and Timothy Smeeding, Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Public Affairs and Economics at the La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and former director of IRP. Isaacs and Smeeding will discuss the Wisconsin Poverty Measure, and how this comprehensive poverty measure has been used to examine poverty—and public responses to poverty—between 2008 and 2013.

They will discuss the results of their forthcoming seventh annual Wisconsin Poverty Report. This year’s report found that poverty increased in the state in 2013, despite a growth in jobs. The finding highlights challenges facing the state during a recovery with low-paying jobs, combined with a shrinking safety net.

They also will share findings showing the wide variation in poverty across multi-county, county, and sub-county areas in the state.
Following the presentation, Smeeding and Isaacs will take questions from the online audience.

To receive a pdf copy of the report when it is released (April 21), please subscribe to the Wisconsin Poverty Report distribution list by sending an email to join-wipovreport@lists.wisc.edu.


Poverty Measurement, State & Local Measures, WI Administrative Data Core