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The Experiences of American Indians in Wisconsin in the Child Support Demonstration Evaluation

This report examines the experiences of the American Indian population served by Wisconsin’s W-2 program. While participation in W-2 among American Indians in the state is a small percentage of the total, the study examines this subgroup of the population within its unique context of demographics, socioeconomic status, and different regulatory jurisdictions (e.g., tribal courts). The report describes study findings concerning American Indians’ participation in public-assistance programs, child support payments, paternity establishment, and earnings in the years after entry into the W-2 program using administrative data to examine the effects of child support pass-through and disregard policies of the CSDE on the American Indian population on W-2.


Child Support, CSDE, CSDE Report, Orders & Payments, Pass-Through & Disregard, Paternity Establishment, Related Social Policies


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