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The Child Support Referral Process for Out-of-Home Placements: Potential Modifications to Current Policy

Recent reports completed as part of the research agreement document the relationship between the child support and child welfare systems, and the role of child support in offsetting the costs of out of home care for children in foster care. An ongoing project is providing additional information on best practices and policy options as the department considers new policy related to appropriate referrals for child support for pre-placement resident parents whose children are placed out of home.

This report (1) reviews previous research completed and its relevance to the policies that govern referral of out-of-home placement cases by the child welfare system to the child support system; (2) describes the approach adopted for the initial development of policy options; (3) highlights information gathered through interviews with child welfare staff in eleven Wisconsin counties regarding potential policy options; (4) discusses recommendations based on the information gathered; and (5) suggests next steps in the process of developing a new policy in Wisconsin regarding the referral of out-of-home placement cases to the child support system.


Child Maltreatment & Child Welfare System, Child Support, Child Support Policy Research, Children, Related Social Policies