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Rural communities’ challenges in accessing treatment services

In an effort to help state and federal lawmakers understand the day-to-day realities of the opioid crisis, including the challenges of accessing services in remote rural communities, we are conducting an in-depth study of the opioid crisis in three communities in New York State: a rural county (Sullivan), a suburban county (Orange), and an urban county (Queens).


  • Despair is not killing rural Americans, easy access to opioids and lack of treatment is.
  • Existing infrastructure to treat addiction is not located where the problem has hit hardest.
  • Opioids have a broad effect on communities, including on foster care, schools, and the labor force.
  • People in local communities often feel forgotten—they want their government officials to listen to them and understand the problems they are facing.


Health, Mental Health & Substance Abuse, Place, Spatial Mismatch


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