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Recognizing the Diversity of Fathers and Families in Child and Family Services

  • Tova Walsh, Alvin Thomas, Cristina Wilson, and Darryl Davidson
  • March 1 2023
  • W98-2023

Tova WalshAlvin Thomas

Christina Wilson

Darryl Davidson

Tova Walsh, Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Alvin Thomas, Human Development and Family Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Cristina Wilson, School of Social Work, University of Connecticut
Darryl Davidson, Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative

Father-inclusive practice requires recognition of the diversity of fathers and families. This webinar will focus on strategies to effectively serve Black fathers and Latino fathers in father-specific services and alongside mothers in services for children and families. We will address ways to align services with the cultural values and practices of client fathers and families, and ways to promote a culture of inclusion that recognizes fathers’ multiple intersecting identities. We will also explore how practitioners’ own multiple intersecting identities influence work with fathers, and offer tips for facilitating groups for fathers, including for female facilitators.

This webinar is co-produced with the Wisconsin Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board.

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Child Development & Well-Being, Children, Family & Partnering, Family Structure, Parenting


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