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Racial Disparities in Student Debt Burdens: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

  • Jason Houle and Fenaba Addo
  • November 29 2017
  • W37-2017

In the United States it is well known that student loan debt has been rising for several years. Less known is that black college students rely more on student loans than white students, have higher student loan debt burdens, and are more likely to default. At the same time, black young adults face more difficult labor market prospects. In this webinar, Jason Houle of Dartmouth College and Fenaba Addo of the University of Wisconsin–Madison will examine these trends and the extent to which they may be contributing to black-white disparities in wealth.


Education & Training, Employment, Inequality & Mobility, Labor Market, Postsecondary Education, Racial/Ethnic Inequality