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Promise Neighborhoods as Education Reform: A Social Frontier

  • Peter Miller, Lisa Curless, and Alexis Bourgeois
  • January 22 2014
  • W7-2014

The Promise Neighborhood program began with a series of grants in 2010 to 21 communities around the country. The program’s goal was to significantly improve the outcomes of children in distressed communities through much stronger ties between school systems, community organizations, and agencies. This webinar will feature Lisa Curless, Project Director of the Adams County Promise Neighborhood and UW–Madison researchers Peter Miller and Alexis Bourgeois, who were part of a study of the Adams County Promise Neighborhood. The presenters will talk about the Promise Neighborhood model and what it has to teach us about improving the outcomes of kids in poor communities. They will also talk about the scalability of the model and offer thoughts on how other practitioners and policymakers can apply elements of the program within their own communities.
For further reading: Educational Leadership on the Social Frontier: Developing Promise Neighborhoods in Urban and Tribal Settings


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