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No Place to Call Home: Child and Youth Homelessness in the United States

“No Place to Call Home: Child and Youth Homelessness in the United States,” prepared by intern Neil Damron and released in May 2015, presents the statistics on child and youth homelessness and recent trends in Wisconsin and the United States. It explores the major challenges faced by homeless minors, and, drawing from recent research by IRP affiliates, looks at the major factors that contribute to a young person or family becoming homeless, including a shortage of affordable housing and rising rents. Also explored is federal legislation that seeks to protect homeless children and youth, and to ensure their access to education while they find permanent housing; and policy suggestions for the future. In conducting his literature review and research, Damron received guidance and mentoring from IRP affiliate Peter Miller (Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis), and consulted in particular the research of Matthew Desmond (Sociology, Harvard University).


Child Development & Well-Being, Child Poverty, Children, Eviction & Foreclosure, Homelessness, Housing, Housing Market, Inequality & Mobility, Racial/Ethnic Inequality