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Incarceration, Poverty, and the Family

  • Michael Massoglia and Julie Poehlmann
  • December 17 2013
  • W6-2013

The number of Americans in state and federal prisons has quintupled since 1980—largely because of longer prison sentences. This dramatic shift has many implications in the way that we think about poverty and family dynamics for incarcerated Americans and their children. In this webinar, Michael Massoglia and Julie Poehlmann will examine research on incarceration, poverty, and the family. Massoglia will focus on broader trends in poverty and incarceration and their effects on families and neighborhoods. Poehlmann will then look more closely at how incarceration affects families at the individual level and talk about strategies for practitioners and policymakers to help children with incarcerated parents.


Child Development & Well-Being, Children, Family & Partnering, Incarceration, Justice System, Justice System General, Prisoner Reentry