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Holding Child Support Orders of Incarcerated Payers in Abeyance: Four Year Outcomes

This report is the most recent in a series focused on the treatment of child support during incarceration. Previous reports addressed a range of topics, including major policy and practice options regarding the treatment of child support during incarceration; how child support systems across the United States address issues associated with incarcerated NCPs; the approach taken by Milwaukee County regarding the treatment of the child support obligations of noncustodial parents; and interim and final results of a study designed to measure the effect of suspending orders during incarceration in Milwaukee County.

In this report, we extend our analyses of the effects of Milwaukee County’s approach, measuring key outcomes for two additional years. Our findings continue to be mixed, with consistent evidence of declines in arrears, inconsistent evidence of improvements in child support payments, and no substantively significant change in earnings.


Arrears & Related Policy, Child Support, Child Support Policy Research, Incarcerated Parents, Orders & Payments