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Forgiveness of State-Owed Child Support Arrears

Child support arrearages have become an issue of increasing public policy concern. This concern reflects the magnitude of such arrears, the growing awareness of the complex factors that contribute to arrears accumulation, and the possibility that arrears may have detrimental impacts on child support agencies, noncustodial parents, and custodial parents and children. Concern about the scope of arrears, and the associated negative consequences, has led to increasing interest in the potential of public policy to provide remedies. This report considers one general policy approach to reducing child support arrears that have already accrued, the forgiveness of arrears owed to the state. The report provides an overview of the magnitude of arrears, the factors that contribute to arrears, and the problems stemming from high arrears.


Arrears & Related Policy, Child Support, Child Support Policy Research, Enforcement, Orders & Payments, Pass-Through & Disregard, WI Administrative Data Core


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