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Explaining the Patterns of Child Support among Unmarried Low-Income Noncustodial Fathers in Chicago, Milwaukee and New York

This report examines the factors that influence how a father supports his noncustodial children, with attention both to fathers’ economic resources and to multiple-partner fertility. Data come from the Time, Love, Cash, Caring, and Children (TLC3) project, a longitudinal, qualitative study of 75 romantically involved couples who also participated in the Fragile Families survey. The report analyzes (1) the use of the formal child support system and informal arrangements for children of previous relationships and (2) unmarried fathers’ financial contributions to their noncustodial children once their relationship with the TLC3 mother ends.


Arrears & Related Policy, Child Support, Complicated Families & Multiple-Partner Fertility, CSDE, CSDE Report, Enforcement, Family & Partnering, Guidelines, Multiple-Partner Fertility, Orders & Payments, Paternity Establishment


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