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Expanding Inclusion of Fathers in Perinatal and Early Childhood Programs

  • Tova Walsh, Darryl Davidson, Kevin Gruenberg, and Calvin Williams
  • November 29 2022
  • W96-2022

Tova Walsh

Darryl Davidson

Kevin Gruenberg

Calvin Williams

Dr. Tova Walsh, Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Darryl Davidson, Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative
Dr. Kevin Gruenberg, Love, Dad: Support for Fathers and Families
Calvin Williams, CLC, Lucian Families

Fathers play an important role in the lives and development of their children. Their influence begins even before birth—father involvement impacts maternal and child health in the prenatal period and beyond. In this webinar, presenters draw on their research and practice experience to discuss strategies to expand inclusion of fathers in services during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood. Fully engaging with all parents and caregivers is the best way to support the well-being of children.

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