University of Wisconsin–Madison
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Emergency Savings for Low-Income Households

  • J. Michael Collins and Ida Rademacher
  • October 29 2014
  • W11-2014

Please note that we experienced audio problems at the beginning of this webinar and so this recording begins after the introduction to the webinar.

In this webinar, IRP Affiliate J. Michael Collins of UW–Madison’s Center for Financial Security and Ida Rademacher of Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) will discuss strategies to promote emergency savings among underserved households. While most policies, programs, and research related to savings focuses on long-term savings for homeownership, education, and retirement, a lack of shorter-term emergency savings leaves families vulnerable to unexpected expenses and negative income shocks. Collins and Rademacher will discuss research and proposals to develop financial products and services that may help low-asset households develop emergency savings and ways that policymakers and practitioners can bolster these efforts.

For more information on the research project behind this webinar, visit the Emergency Savings Project website.


Economic Support, Financial Security